Aptly described, Mark Bunker is a dependent who leans on others for support.  Not that there’s anything wrong with asking friends for support, particularly for those with a legitimate disability or life-challenge. There’s not even anything fundamentally wrong with being lazy. But there is something wrong when an able-bodied but lazy man constantly has his hand out, asking online strangers to help pay his rent or fund pet projects.

Bunker is also a fanatic anti-Scientologist, a bigot, who was never a member of the Church of Scientology but inexplicably became obsessed with something he knows nothing about. Ironically, the thing Bunker professes to hate has become the one thing he cannot live without. Ever since he started his anti-Scientology fanaticism as a paid cameraman crony in the late 1990’s, Bunker’s life has become a futile exercise in struggling to prove a lie.

In his first paid anti-Scientology gig, Bunker’s employer was another fixated hater with never a single moment’s personal experience with Scientology. Conveniently for Bunker, the man had more money than sense, so as his boss attempted to harass anyone he thought was a Scientologist, Bunker obediently trailed behind, thrusting his camera into people’s faces. These were not law-abiding “protests.” Bunker’s paymaster got into physical altercations with Scientologists and publicly made death threats and was ultimately subject to a permanent injunction, along side Bunker, that enjoined them from committing any acts of harassment or violence against any member of the Church.

In a strange twist, Bunker’s financial benefactor ultimately came to realize he was being used. After being drained of literally millions of dollars to fund his anti-Scientology hangers-on, the man admitted he had been misled, recanted his attacks on the Church and removed himself from any further Scientology harassment, leaving Bunker with the task of finding a job.

Two decades later, Bunker boasts of brief spells of seemingly legitimate work.  But an examination of the actual facts reveals that Bunker has never strayed far from his preference for taking hand-outs and continually seeking “sponsors” to fund his anti-Scientology obsession. The time passed long ago when Bunker could claim –like his former boss – that he was misled. There comes a point when ignorance and malice are one and the same.