With criticism piling on from donors and followers asking for an explanation to the seemingly never-ending campaign drives for financial handouts to support a movie project, and even more targeting the continued pleas for financial bail outs and life support, Mark Bunker has yet to answer the fundamental question: Where did the money go?

At the end of it all, Bunker filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and started over. But with that bankruptcy filing came yet another curious datum.

In page 17 of the February 28, 2018 bankruptcy filing, Bunker listed his single secured claim –a 2012 Ford Fusion hybrid car he acquired in September 2017.

Page 17 of February 28, 2018 bankruptcy filing.

Page 35 of the bankruptcy application noted that at the time of the February 2018 filing, he had paid $832.74 on the car and had an outstanding $11,089 to go.

Page 35.

Page 38 of the filing indicated that in August 2017, Bunker had traded in an old car for his current Ford Fusion.

Page 38.

The coincidence? It was during August and September 2017 that Bunker was also running his last GoFundMe campaign. The one that started out with a $3,000 campaign goal to cover rent, utilities and incidentals which was met within 24 hours, yet Bunker continued to promote it, continued to increase the target goal two times and ultimately made a $6,600 haul.

Was the new car a byproduct of the GoFundMe campaign? We may never know.