After five years doing it, Mark Bunker grew accustomed to making pleas for financial hand-outs. While running a multi-year campaign on IndieGoGo netting tens of thousands of dollars in cash gifts, he often jumped to GoFundMe to get bailed out of life’s obstacles.

Eviction 1

In September 2015 Bunker ran into an “Emergency” and needed $2,000 to move to new accommodations due to an impending eviction.

GoFundMe campaign: Help Bunker Move, September 28, 2015

Twitter link to September 28, 2015 GoFundMe campaign.

Bunker later posted an update stating he ended up not needing to move and would refund the money. However, the campaign was never ended and it is unknown if the funds were in fact ever returned.

Eviction 2

Just over six months later, he was being evicted again and took to the crowd-funder to get help to pay his rent.

GoFundMe campaign: Being evicted, April 16, 2016

GoFundMe campaign: Being evicted, April 16, 2016

GoFundMe campaign: Eviction letter, April 16, 2016

Twitter link to April 16, 2016 GoFundMe campaign.


Eviction 3

Then in October that same year, he was being evicted again and wanted more handouts.

GoFundMe campaign: Being evicted, again, October 19, 2016

Twitter link to October 19, 2016 GoFundMe campaign.


Increasing Pleas

On July 23, 2017 Bunker started another GoFundMe campaign and announced that he was going to be undergoing surgery in a few days and, while he had insurance under Obamacare, he needed money to cover rent and utilities for when he returned from the hospital so set a goal for $3,000 in donations, suggesting this would cover for two-months.

GoFundMe campaign: Rent coverage, July 23, 2017

The very next day he posted thanks for donors “blowing past the goal in less than 12 hours”.

GoFundMe update 1: The goal of $3,000 was met.

Twitter link to July 23, 2017 GoFundMe campaign.

Yet despite his earlier messages about having met the goal of the fundraiser, Bunker continued promoting the campaign to get more money.

Twitter link to July 23, 2017 GoFundMe campaign.

By the end of August, he’d increased the July campaign goal to $6,000.

GoFundMe update 2: The goal now doubled.

GoFundMe campaign: August 2017 updated goal.

Then in September, it had been increased again, now to $7,000.

GoFundMe campaign: September 2017 updated goal.

Bunker continued to promote the July campaign for several months, including sending out messages claiming he’d been home for “a month”, when in fact it had already been four months after donors met the campaign goal and at least three months after the surgery was completed.

Tweet from Bunker, Nov 21, 2017.

Twitter link to July 23, 2017 GoFundMe campaign.

Twitter link to July 23, 2017 GoFundMe campaign.

After a yearlong campaign, Bunker made $6,600 in cash handouts on his July 2017 campaign.

GoFundMe campaign a year later.


Critical Reception

Apparently, it never occurred to Bunker that the people he was asking to support him had to face similar problems in life and solved them by working harder.

Critical reception in response to Bunkers July 23, 2017 campaign.


Help to Others

In addition to tracking the campaigns Bunker carried out to get others to give him money, GoFundMe also tracked the campaigns Bunker has helped with his own contributions. There are none.

Bunker’s GoFundMe campaign tracker.