“Wise Beard Man”

Mark Bunker has a long and close affiliation with the criminal computer hacking group known as “Anonymous.” Bunker openly admits and even boasts about his involvement and goes by a nickname bestowed upon him by this group: “Wise Beard Man”.

Mark Bunker and Anonymous

The connection is not surprising, because Bunker and Anonymous have something in common. Both cynically use “freedom of speech” as an excuse to spread hate campaigns.  In the case of Bunker’s Anonymous friends, their illegal actions (not “speech”) have resulted in criminal convictions.

Teen Charged with Hacking Scientology Websites: The Star-Ledger, October 18, 2008

New Jersey Man Admits to Hacking Church of Scientology Websites: AP News, May 12, 2009

Nebraska Man to Plead Guilty in Scientology Cyber Attacks: CNN, January 26, 2010

Mark Bunker joins Anonymous in Clearwater, November 5, 2013


Anonymous members have been criminally convicted for attempting to sabotage Church of Scientology computers

But the Church is far from the group’s only target.

In 2011, the FBI arrested 16 Anonymous members in connection with attacks on PayPal computers and in 2013, the FBI warned that Anonymous members had breached U.S. military and other government agency networks. The group has also been criticized for using flashing computer animation to trigger attacks in epilepsy patients, promoting a “You Tube Porn Day”, and for trying to cripple numerous corporations and government agencies they selected as targets. The news reports are plentiful.

Headline news: Anonymous is a criminal organization.


Anonymous has been described as a cyber terrorist network.

Mark Bunker knows this and Mark Bunker associates with and supports them.

Podcast with Mark Bunker.

Mark Bunker and a member of Anonymous.

Mark Bunker and members of Anonymous.

Mark Bunker and a member of Anonymous.

Mark Bunker and a member of Anonymous.